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Centre of Ticks and Tick-borne diseases is an African institution with a mandate to provide demand driven support in the control of live-stock diseases for the development of livestock industry in Africa.

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The CTTBD has 25 hectares of farm land along the Likuni road in the Central part of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe. The farm lies directly opposite the Vaccine manufacturing facility. The animal handling facility comprises of a number of separate animal pens, a crash-pen and a spray race for dipping the animals.


The Centre has a number of technicians with different fields specializations and devoted to different laboratories in areas of Parasitological diagnostics such as examination and scoring of parasite infection in blood and other tissues during the process of ECF stabilate production, serology (Immunoflorescent Antibody Test and ELISA tests) and culturing of Theileriaparva infected lymphocytes used in the production of Theileriaparva antigen slides for the Immunoflorescent Antibody Test (IFAT).


One of the Centre’s priority activities is capacity building particularly in animal health and related fields.  With the changing landscape of livestock diseases, introduction of new diseases to new areas, as well as dynamics of science, refresher courses are important to revitalize and broaden the existing knowledge base of the participants.

Vaccination backstopping

The CTTBD has been engaged in assisting countries in the region with the provision of professional consultancy services targeted at providing answers to pertinent TBD problems and to investigate cases of suspected immunisation failures and breakthroughs in the field in the region.

How ticks attack ?



ECF IFAT Diagnostic Kit

The CTTBD routinely carries out Immunoflorescent Antibody Test (IFAT) on serum samples obtained from cattle. The IFAT test is carried out on the following list of parasites.

Liquid Nitrogen

The CTTBD procured a new Liquid Nitrogen Plant, Cryomech LNP40 Model, in October 2011 with funding from the GALVmed ECF project, and was commissioned in January 2012.


CTTBD’s main product currently is the Muguga Cocktail ECF vaccine for the East African countries (Republic of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya) and Malawi. In addition, for the past decade or so, CTTBD has been producing two subtypes of monovalent ECF vaccines for the Southern (Chitongo strain) and Eastern Zambia (Katete strain) with the latest batches having been delivered in July 2015. All these vaccines are produced with the accompanying diluent as a package for the end user.

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